2.3 Accessing the Web Services Custom WLST Commands

To access the web services WLST commands:

  1. Go to the Oracle Common home directory for your installation, for example /home/Oracle/Middleware/oracle_common.

    For information about the Oracle Common home directory and installing Oracle Fusion Middleware, see the Planning an Installation of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

  2. Start WLST using the WLST.sh/cmd command located in the oracle_common/common/bin directory. For example:
    • /home/Oracle/Middleware/oracle_common/common/bin/wlst.sh (UNIX)

    • C:\Oracle\Middleware\oracle_common\common\bin\wlst.cmd (Windows)

    When executed, these commands start WLST in offline mode. To use the web services WLST commands, you must use WLST in online mode.

  3. Start Oracle WebLogic Server.

    For more information, see "Start and stop servers" in the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console Online Help.

  4. Connect to the running WebLogic Server instance using the connect() command. For example, the following command connects WLST to the Admin Server at the URL myAdminServer.example.com:7001 using the username/password credentials weblogic/welcome1:

For more information about using WLST, see "Using the WebLogic Scripting Tool" in Understanding the WebLogic Scripting Tool.

For more information about the web Services WLST commands, see "Web Services Custom WLST Commands" in WLST Command Reference for Infrastructure Components.