This image shows four types of chart customizations across four charts.

The first customization is labelled Color and BorderColor and is shown on an area chart. Each area is a different shade of blue, with the border of the areas being a dark blue color.

The second customization is labelled MarkerSize and MarkerShape and is shown on a scatter chart. There are four data series, with their own unique markers. The marker shapes are square, downward-facing triangle, upward facing triangle, and human shape. All the marker types are of different sizes, with the square being the smallest and the human shape being the largest.

The third customization is labelled Series Type and Various Styles and is shown on a combination chart. Each element of the combination has styling on it — the area has a checkered pattern, the line is dashed, and the bars have a colored border.

The fourth customization is labelled LineStyle and LineWidth and is shown on a line chart. There are five lines of various styles. The styles include a dotted line, a thick dashed line, a thick solid line, a thin dashed line, and a thick dotted line.