The image architecture.png shows a Design Time pane on the left and a Run-Time pane on the right. Within Design Time on the left, a box labeled BAM Composer contains three vertically arranged boxes, labeled Business View, KPI Definition, and Data Source Mapping. Within Design Time on the right, a three-disc stack is labeled MDS Metadata. In Run-Time on the bottom is a box labeled All Event Sources (BPM, SOA, HWF, WS, JMS). Above that is a box labeled Process Star Schema. Above that are two side-by-side three-disc stacks, the left labeled External Data Sources and the right labeled BAM Data Objects in SOAINFRA Schema. Above that a box labeled BAM Dashboard contains three horizontally arranged boxes, labeled Persistence Engine, Advanced Continuous Query Service, and Report Cache Alert Service. Above BAM Dashboard on the left is a second BAM Dashboard with two vertically arranged boxes labeled KPI Trends and Process Dashboards. Above the first BAM Dashboard on the right is a three-box stack labeled Reports.