About Importing ADF Business Components Into Oracle Business Intelligence

During import, the required physical tables and complex joins are automatically created.

The instances, ViewObject and ViewLink, are imported into Oracle Business Intelligence. During query execution, the definitions retrieved from these instances are used to create the CompositeVO in ADF.

These complex joins are dummy joins and are not executed in Oracle Business Intelligence. Instead, the dummy joins denote ViewLink instances that connect pairs of View Objects in the ADF model. The physical table and complex join names correspond to the fully qualified ViewObject and ViewLink instance names. This convention allows arbitrary nesting of ApplicationModules in the ADF model.


The External Expression field in the Complex Join dialog for ADF data sources is populated with the join condition defined in the view link.

The name of the automatically generated joins uses a naming convention similar to ViewObjectName1_ViewObjectName2, for example, AppModuleAM.AP_VO1_AppModuleAM_BU_VO1. The ViewLink instance name appears in the ViewLink Name field of the Complex Join dialog.

The complex joins are created automatically if a ViewLink instance is available. Complex joins are not created for ViewLink definitions. You must create joins using ViewLink definitions manually. To manually create a join using ViewLink definitions, specify the ViewLink definition name in the ViewLink Name field of the Complex Join dialog.

If custom properties are defined on the ApplicationModule, Oracle Business Intelligence joins between view objects in different ApplicationModules are created on import from ADF. The format for the property name and value are as follow:

  • The property name format is BI_VIEW_LINK_property_name

  • The property value format is source_view_object_instance_name, ViewLink_definition_name, destination_view_object_instance_name

Be sure to use the fully qualified view object instance names for the source and destination view objects, as well as the fully qualified package name for the ViewLink definition.