Setting Up Row-Level Security in the Database

You must implement row-level security in the database to set up Oracle Business Intelligence. You can configure your connection pools so that the Oracle BI Server passes the credentials for each user to the database.

  1. Open your repository in the Administration Tool.
  2. Double-click the connection pool associated with the database for which you want to set up database-level security.
  3. In the General tab of the Connection Pool dialog, select Shared logon, and then enter :USER and :PASSWORD in the User name and Password fields.

    The :USER and :PASSWORD syntax automatically passes the value of user credentials upon login to the database. The :USER and :PASSWORD syntax does not refer to session variables.


    You can use the database session context to pass end user identity to the database. Use a connection pool script to set up session context. This approach does not rely on database authentication.

  4. Click OK in the Connection Pool dialog.
  5. Double-click the database object for which you want to set up database-level security.
  6. In the Database dialog, select Virtual Private Database. Selecting this option ensures that the Oracle BI Server protects cache entries for each user.
  7. Click OK in the Database dialog.

After you have set up row-level security in the database, you must set up object permissions in the repository for Presentation layer or other objects. You can also set query limits (governors). See Setting Up Object Permissions and Setting Query Limits.