A Managing the Repository Lifecycle in a Multiuser Development Environment

This appendix provides best practice information for managing the lifecycle of the Oracle BI repository when you are using a multiuser development environment.

Building your Oracle BI EE repository using the multiuser development environment enables you to do the following:

  • Build large, interrelated semantic models

  • Independently build multiple, independent semantic models to run in the same Oracle BI Server and Presentation Services server

  • Develop several branches on different schedules, in parallel, while fixing urgent bugs or enhancement requests on the production version

  • Incrementally design and test at the individual and team levels

  • Enable individual developers to design and test manageable subsets without impacting each other, yet share their changes with other developers in a controlled, incremental fashion

  • Migrate changes to test and production systems in bulk, or incrementally

This appendix covers the development lifecycle of the Oracle BI EE repository. It does not cover the development lifecycle of the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog used by Presentation Services. This appendix also does not cover how to use the multiuser development environment for Independent Software Vendor (ISV) organizations building portable Oracle Business Intelligence applications for sale as products.

See MUD Case Study: Eden Corporation for detailed examples of how the multiuser development environment is used in a typical business scenario.

This appendix contains the following topics: