About Updating Row Counts in Native Databases

Learn when you can use the Update Rowcount function.

This topic applies if both of the following are true:

  • You are using the Update Rowcount functionality in the Administration Tool in offline mode.

  • You are running a heterogeneous environment, such as the Oracle BI Server on UNIX, while remote administrators run the Administration Tool on Windows computers.

When using the Update Rowcount functionality in offline mode, the Administration Tool uses local data source connection definitions on the client computer, not the server data sources. Therefore, Oracle Database or DB2 clients must be configured on the Windows computer running the Administration Tool so that the following conditions are true:

  • Data sources point to the same database identified in the Oracle BI obis.properties file on the UNIX server.

  • The name of the local data source must also match the name of the data source defined in the Connection Pool object in the physical layer of the Oracle BI repository (.rpd) file.

If these conditions are not true, and if the server and client data sources are pointing at different databases, then erroneous updated row counts or incorrect results appear.