Displaying and Updating Row Counts for Physical Tables and Columns

When you request row counts, the Oracle Administration Tool retrieves the number of rows from the data source for all, or selected tables and columns (distinct values are retrieved for columns), and stores those values in the repository.

The amount of time required to count the number of rows depends upon the number of row counts retrieved.

When updating all row counts, the Updating Row Counts window appears while row counts are retrieved and stored. If you click Cancel, the retrieve process stops after the in-process table (and its columns) have been retrieved. Row counts include all tables and columns for which values were retrieved before the cancel operation.

Updating all row counts for a large repository might take a long time to complete. You might want to update only selected table and column counts.

Row counts are not available for the following:

  • Stored Procedure object types

  • XML data sources and XML Server data sources

  • Multidimensional data sources

  • Data sources that do not support the COUNTDISTINCT function, such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel, or data sources for which COUNT_STAR_SUPPORTED has been disabled in the database features table

  • In online mode, Update Row Count does not work with connection pools in which the session variables :USER and :PASSWORD are set as the user name and password.

    In offline mode, the Set values for variables dialog appears so that you can populate the session variables :USER and :PASSWORD.

  • In online mode, after importing or manually creating a physical table or column, the Oracle BI Server does not recognize the new objects until you check them in. Therefore, Update Row Count is not available in the menu until you check in these objects.

  1. To update the row count in theAdministration Tool, do one of the following:
    • In the Physical layer, select Tools, then select Update All Row Counts.
    • In the Physical layer, right-click a single table, column, or select multiple objects, right-click and select Update Row Count.

    If the repository is open in online mode, and the Check Out Objects window opens, click Yes to check out the objects

    Any row counts that have changed since the last update are refreshed.

Displaying Row Counts in the Physical Layer

Use these steps to display the row count in the Physical layer.

  1. In the Administration Tool, select Tools, then select Options.
  2. In the Options dialog, on the General tab, select Show row count in physical view, and click OK.