Reviewing Supported Database Features

In the Oracle BI Administration Tool, you can review the features supported by databases and data sources. You can use Database Features when trying to troubleshoot a query or other operation that is not working as expected.

Features are the SQL expressions, statements, function, operations, and other Oracle BI EE features that you can execute against the database such as a query that uses an ISDESCENDANT statement, operations such as ADD or SQRT (square root) operations are supported. If a check displays in the Value or Default columns, the feature is supported. For specific information about the Value or Default columns, see SQL Features Supported by a Data Source.

  1. Open the Oracle BI Administration Tool.
  2. From the File menu, select Online Mode or Offline Mode.
  3. In the Open Repository dialog, select a repository, and click Open.
  4. In the Physical column, right-click a database or data source, and select Properties.
  5. In Database Properties, click the Features tab to review the supported features for the specific database or data source.