About Importing Metadata and Working with Data Sources

After creating an Oracle BI Repository file, you can import metadata from your data sources into the Physical layer of the repository.

In the Oracle BI Administration Tool, the Physical layer of the contains the data sources the Oracle BI Server uses to submit queries, and the relationships between physical databases and other data sources used to process multiple data source queries.

The metadata imported into an Oracle BI Repository must have an ODBC or native database connection to the underlying data source. You can also import metadata from software such as Microsoft Excel using an ODBC connection.

When you importing metadata from each data source, the structure of the data source is also imported into the Physical layer. You can display data from supported data sources on Oracle BI Server and other clients. You cannot import metadata from unsupported data sources.

After you import metadata, properties in the associated database object and connection pool are set automatically. You can adjust database or connection pool settings, see Setting Up Database Objects and Connection Pools.

Oracle recommends importing metadata rather than manually creating the physical layer to avoid errors.