About Options in NQSConfig.INI

Many configuration settings that affect the Oracle BI Administration Tool and repository development are managed in the NQSConfig.INI configuration file.

Repository developers must be familiar with the NQSConfig.INI configuration settings to effectively work with the Administration Tool and with their repositories.

Common configuration settings that affect repository development include:


    Set LOCALE in NQSConfig.INI to specify the place (geographical, political. or cultural) to return the data from the server, and to determine the localized names of days and months.


    Set these options in NQSConfig.INI to control the display of data/time formats.


    Set DEFAULT_PRIVILEGES in NQSConfig.INI to specify the default privilege, NONE or READ, granted to users and application roles for repository objects without explicit permissions set.

See System Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition for full information about NQSConfig.INI configuration settings.