Identifying the Content of the Business Model

To determine what content to include in your business model, you must first identify the logical columns on which users need to query.

Then, you must identify each column's role as either a measure column or a dimensional attribute. Finally, you need to arrange the logical columns in a dimensional model based on the relevant roles, relationships between columns, and logic.

Businesses are analyzed by relevant dimensional criteria, and the business model is developed from these relevant dimensions. These dimensional models form the basis of the valid business models to use with the Oracle BI Server.

Although not all dimensional models are built around a star schema, it is a best practice to use a simple star schema in the business model layer. In other words, the dimensional model should represent some measurable facts that are viewed in terms of various dimensional attributes.

After you analyze your business model requirements, you need to identify the specific logical tables and hierarchies that you need to include in your business model.

This section contains the following topics: