About Custom Metadata Mapping

The Custom Metadata component of the data model enables mapping data fields, for example, invoice number or customer name, from your data model to the metadata fields defined in document profile rules configured on your Oracle WebCenter Content Server.

When you run the report and select an Oracle WebCenter Content server as the delivery destination, Oracle BI Publisher generates and stores the document on the content server with the metadata.


Certain requirements must be met to use this feature of the data model editor.

Prerequisites include:

  • The content server must be configured as a delivery destination with custom metadata enabled.

    See Adding a Content Server in Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher.

  • To map the custom metadata fields to data fields from your data model data set, the data set must be of a type that the data model editor can retrieve the data structure, for example, SQL data sets and Excel data sets are supported; however, Web service data sets are not.