Run Report Online/Offline (Schedule)

Running reports in interactive/online mode uses in-memory processing.

Use the following guidelines for deciding when a report is appropriate for running online.

For Online / Interactive mode:

  • When report output size is less than 50MB

    Browsers do not scale when loading large volumes of data. Loading more than 50MB in the browser will slow down or possibly crash your session.

  • Data model SQL Query time out is less than 600 seconds

    Any SQL query execution that takes more than 600 seconds results in Stuck WebLogic Server threads. To avoid this condition, schedule long-running queries. The Scheduler process uses its own JVM threads instead of Weblogic server threads. It is more efficient to schedule reports than run reports online.

  • Total number of elements in the data structure is less than 500

    When the data model data structure contains many data elements, the data processor must maintain the element values in memory; which may result in OutOfMemory exceptions. To avoid this condition, schedule these reports. For scheduled reports, the data processor uses temporary file system to store and process data.

  • No CLOB or BLOB columns

    Online processing holds the entire CLOB or BLOB columns in memory. You should schedule reports that include CLOB or BLOB columns.