Creating a Data Set Using a View Object

BI Publisher enables you to connect to your custom applications built with Oracle Application Development Framework and use view objects in your applications as data sources for reports.

Performance of the query execution is better as the SQL is executed directly against the database.

Before you can create an Oracle BI Publisher data model using a view object, you must first create the view object in your application following the guidelines in Developer's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher.

  1. Click the New Data Set toolbar button and select View Object.
  2. In the New Data Set - View Object dialog, enter a name for this data set.
  3. Select the Data Source from the list. The data sources that you defined in the providers.xml file display.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Select Yes for Execute as SQL to extract the SQL query form the View Object and execute it on the Oracle Business Intelligence domain.
    • Select No to execute the view object on the Oracle Applications domain through the ADF layer. The XML data is then streamed to the Oracle Business Intelligence domain in chunks. This method results in poorer performance, but enables execution on the Applications domain. You can invoke some service interface layers to allow custom data manipulation.
  5. Enter the fully qualified name of the application module, for example,
  6. Click Load View Objects.

    BI Publisher calls the application module to load the view object list.

  7. Select the View Object.

    Any bind variables defined are retrieved.

  8. Create a parameter to map to this bind variable, see Adding Parameters and Lists of Values.
  9. Click OK to save your data set.

Additional Notes on View Object Data Sets

To structure data based on view object data sets, the group breaks, data links and group-level functions are not supported.

The following is supported: Setting the value for elements if null.

For more information about this supported feature, see Structuring Data.