Adding Before Data and After Data Triggers

You can add event triggers that fire before and after data.

If you define a default package then you must define all parameters as a global PL/SQL variable in the PL/SQL package. You can then explicitly pass parameters to your PL/SQL function trigger or all parameters are available as a global PL/SQL variable, see Setting Data Model Properties

  1. On the data model Properties pane, enter the Oracle DB Default Package that contains the PL/SQL function signature to execute when the trigger fires. .
  2. From the task pane, click Event Triggers.
  3. From the Event Triggers pane, click Create New Event Trigger.
  4. Enter the following for the trigger:
  5. Select the package from the Available Functions box and click the arrow to move a function to the Event Trigger box.

    The name appears as PL/SQL <package name>.<function name>.

Order of Execution

If you define multiple triggers of the same type, they fire in the order that they appear in the table (from top to bottom).

To change the order of execution:

  • Use the Reorder arrows to place the triggers in the correct order.