Process Overview for Creating a Data Model

Follow the steps below to create a data table.

Step Reference

Launch the data model editor.

Launching the Data Model Editor

Set properties for the data model. (Optional)

Setting Data Model Properties

Create the data sets for the data model.

Creating Data Sets

Define the data output structure. (Optional)

Structuring Data

Define the parameters to pass to the query, and define lists of values for users to select parameter values. (Optional)

Adding Parameters and Lists of Values

Define Event Triggers. (Optional)

About Triggers

(Oracle Applications Only) Define Flexfields. (Optional)

Adding Flexfields

Test your data model and add sample data.

Testing Data Models and Generating Sample Data

Add a bursting definition. (Optional)

Adding Bursting Definitions

Map Custom Metadata for documents to be delivered to Web Content Servers (Optional)

Adding Custom Metadata for Oracle WebCenter Content Server