3 User Personas

Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight has a variety of user personas. Each user has a defined set of roles and the areas of the application the user can access varies based on the permissions attached to the user role.

The following user personas are available:

Table 3-1 User Personas and their Descriptions

User Role Description
InsightBusinessUser User who has the knowledge of the business use case and creates milestones and indicators using business language , irrespective of the implementation.
InsightIntegrationArchitect User who has an understanding of the implementation of the application and defines mapping of the milestones to the appropriate location in the implementation and the extraction of indicators.
InsightExecutive User who has the knowledge of how the business works and who wants to gain insight into business performance. This user has access to the dashboards; permissions to create, view, and edit dashboards and reports.
InsightAdmin User who acts as a super user. This user has all the privileges of an InsightModelCreator user and has access to all the models created. The administrator manages the Insight application and creates connections to the implementation to enable mapping of the models.
InsightModelCreator User who has the privilege to create models. This user is the owner of the model.
InsightConnectionCreator User who has privileges for creating connections.