5 Data Connections

Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight has the ability to create models of running integrations, SOA and Service Bus, and then monitor those models in real time for business activity. To discover, model, and monitor the applications running on these Middleware services, Insight maintains metadata describing how to connect and discover deployed applications. This metadata is maintained in structures called connections. Connections encapsulate details such as the URL and login information of a running Middleware service (e.g. Service Bus).

To map an Insight model (create implementation mapping), appropriate connections must be defined and validated. A user with the roles InsightConnectionCreator or InsightAdmin creates connections. You can update a connection easily, but such update is permitted only if no models are presently activated on the connection. If activated models are using the connection, you must declare a new connection and use that connection for future models and drafts or, alternately, you can deactivate the active models, change the connection, and reactivate.