A Configuring Oracle Managed File Transfer in a Compact Domain

A compact domain is a developer domain consisting of a single Administration server and no Managed Servers. Compact domains are supported for development environments only. A compact domain provides a local test environment for developers and requires a limited amount of disk space or system resources.


For Oracle Managed File Transfer, a compact domain requires an external supported database.

To create a compact domain for Oracle Managed File Transfer, perform the tasks listed in the following table.

Table A-1 Installing Oracle Managed File Transfer in a Dedicated Compact Domain

Task More Information

Install Oracle Managed File Transfer in its own Oracle home

See Installing the Oracle Managed File Transfer Software.

Create the Managed File Transfer schema in a supported database

See Creating the Database Schemas.

Configure a compact domain for Managed File Transfer

See Configuring a Compact Domain in Oracle Fusion Middleware Installing SOA Suite and Business Process Management Suite Quick Start for Developers.

When you configure the compact domain, select only the Managed File Transfer configuration template in the Fusion Middleware Configuration Wizard.