6 Extending an Existing Domain

You can extend any Oracle Fusion Middleware product domain to add Oracle WebCenter Portal components. The Configuration Wizard will automatically detect the components that have already been installed and give you the option to add any Oracle WebCenter Portal products that do not already exist.

A domain must be completely stopped before you attempt to extend it.

Before you extend a domain, refer to Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c ( Interoperability and Compatibility in Oracle Fusion Middleware Understanding Interoperability and Compatibilityfor important information regarding the ability of Oracle Fusion Middleware products to function with previous versions of other Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle, or third-party products.

The following section describes a scenario in which you may want to extend your existing Oracle WebCenter Portal domain, and the steps required:

6.1 Extending a Domain to Install Oracle WebCenter Portal Products

To extend your existing Oracle WebCenter Portal domain to install additional Oracle WebCenter Portal products:

  1. Shut down your domain.
    For more information, see Starting and Stopping Oracle Fusion Middleware in Oracle Fusion Middleware Administering Oracle Fusion Middleware.
  2. Make sure that schemas exist in your database for the components you plan to configure. For example, if you are planning to extend the domain and configure Oracle WebCenter Portal's Discussion Server, make sure the DISCUSSIONS schema exists in your Oracle database before you continue.
  3. Run the Configuration Wizard to extend the domain.
    See Starting the Configuration Wizard for more information.
    1. Select Extend my domain automatically to support the following added products on the Select Extension Source screen.
    2. Select the product(s) you want to add to the domain.
For information about extending an existing domain, see Updating WebLogic Domains in Oracle Fusion Middleware Creating WebLogic Domains Using the Configuration Wizard.