9 Troubleshooting the Upgrade

If the upgrade process fails, you must close the Upgrade Assistant, correct the issue, and then restart the Upgrade Assistant.

If the upgrade process fails after the upgrade process has started, you must drop the cloned repository and start from a freshly cloned repository in addition to correcting the underlying issue. There is no way to restart the failed upgrade process.

For more troubleshooting information, see Troubleshooting Your Upgrade in Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrading with the Upgrade Assistant Upgrade Guide.

Troubleshooting Upgrade Log Errors

If the Upgrade Assistant log file contains <#>, 11g interfaces are converted with errors, check for the interface name and ID in the Upgrade Assistant log and correct the issue using ODI Studio in the 11g repository. An error during interface conversion can be caused by a validation failure for the 11g interface, such as an unmatched parenthesis in an expression. The conversion error can cause the resulting mapping to be incomplete, but has no effect on other conversions.

How to proceed when you encounter such interface upgrade errors:

  • If the interfaces highlighted by Upgrade Assistant log file are not used and can be ignored, you can continue to use the upgraded 12c repository.

  • If the interface is converted to a valid 12c mapping, each erroneous interface needs to be fixed in the 11g environment and reconverted using one of these two methods:

    • Export only those interfaces, and import them into the upgraded 12c repository. The import process internally upgrades the 11g interfaces into 12c mappings. For more information about importing an interface into a 12c repository, see Importing Objects in Oracle Fusion Middleware Developing Integration Projects with Oracle Data Integrator.

    • Repeat the entire upgrade with fixed interfaces. This is recommended if the number of erroneous interfaces is large.

Troubleshooting Upgrade Performance Errors

The number of sessions present in a repository affects upgrade performance. Oracle recommends that you archive and purge your session logs to improve upgrade performance.

Troubleshooting DB2 Database Transaction Log Errors

When using a DB2 database, the database transaction log may become full during ODI upgrade.

You can increase the database configuration parameter to allow for a larger log file. A larger log file requires more space, but it reduces the need for applications to retry the operation. You should set the log file size to at least 10000 and the number of primary log files to at least 50. Use the following commands:
db2 'update database config for database_alias using LOGFILSIZ 10000'
db2 'update database config for database_alias using LOGPRIMARY 50'