10 Configuring the OHS Server

Steps to configure Oracle HTTP Server (OHS).

Steps for configuring the OHS Server

  1. Install Sites, SiteCapture cluster SSl using OHS version

  2. Crawl a site and preview the crawled site.


    OHS screen is displayed instead of crawled sites when previewed.
  3. Change the configuration to bypass the ROOT of OHS.

    • Peform the following change in the mod_wl_ohs.conf file located in the <ORACLE_HOME>/user_projects/domains/<DOMAIN_NAME>/config/fmwconfig/components/OHS/instances/<OHS_INSTANCE_NAME>
      <IfModule weblogic_module>
  4. For configuring Cluster, set the properties in the mod_wl_ohs.conf file located in the <ORACLE_HOME>/user_projects/domains/<DOMAIN_NAME>/config/fmwconfig/components/OHS/instances/<OHS_INSTANCE_NAME>.

    <IfModule weblogic_module>
    WebLogicCluster <HOST_AND_PORT_DETAILS>
    MatchExpression *


    If you are installing WebCenter Sites with Sample Sites on different Webservers (for example: On the OHS Server), ensure to add the following paramaters in library file of Weblogic Plug-in as this allows you to import avisports installable during config wizard.
    • WLIOTimeoutSecs=1200

    • KeepAliveEnabled=true

    If you do not add the parameters the config wizard will fail during the installation process. For more information of parameters, see Parameters for Web Server Plug-Ins.
  5. After setting properties in the mod_wl_ohs.conf file, you be able to preview the crawled sites instead of OHS screen.

  6. In addition to the above configuration, the following change is required for OHS version The DirectoryIndex configuration in httpd.conf file should be modified to update the required change.

    <IfModule dir_module>
    DirectoryIndex index.html disabled