This diagram describes the major responsibilities of participants in each of the security life cycle phases. There are three parallel rectangular boxes. On the left is the Development phase showing the JDeveloper environment that contains ADF Application, Fusion Middleware, Declarative Security, Container Security, and OPSS. From the OPSS layer there are two arrows to the Local Identity Store and Application Policy Store. In the middle is the deployment phase that includes two boxes: one box is labeled EAR - Policies and Credentials configured with deployment descriptors, and the other is labeled Fusion Middleware Control. On the right is a box that represents the Administration phase. It includes a Remote WebLogic Server, and Enterprise Identity Store, OPSS Security Store, OPSS, Fusion Middleware, and at the bottom, a deployed ADF application inside a container security box. There is an arrow from the Development phase to the deployment phase labeled Generate, and another arrow from the Fusion Middleware Control box to the deployed ADF Application in the Administration Phase box.