Copy Configuration

To create an archive of the domain configuration (extended for Oracle Traffic Director), execute

The command introspects all the OTD configurations present in the domain home. Specifically, it introspects the OTD configuration file server.xml, and extracts elements such as http-listener, tcp-listener, origin-server-pool, and failover-group from server.xml. You can customize the values of these elements by editing the move plan. After the copy configuration operation, created jar file should be copied to the production system

The following is an example command:

Example C-2 Copy Configuration Command for Collocated OTD

./ -javaHome ./oracle_common/jdk/jre -archiveLoc /tmp/otd.jar -sourceDomainLoc /scratch/installers/otd_domain -sourceOracleHomeLoc /scratch/installers/colocated_otd -domainHostName -domainPortNum 7010 -domainAdminUserName weblogic -domainAdminPasswordFile /scratch/password.txt


Make sure that WLS administration server is running, when you perform Copy Configuration..

Example C-3 Copy Configuration Command for Standalone OTD

./ -javaHome ./oracle_common/jdk/jre -archiveLoc /tmp/otd.jar -sourceDomainLoc /scratch/installers/otd_domain -sourceOracleHomeLoc /scratch/installers/colocated_otd