The Oracle Fusion Middleware T2P utility allows you to move an Oracle Fusion Middleware environment from test to production (T2P) with customization specific to the production environment. This appendix describes support for moving an Oracle Traffic Director environment.

Moving an Oracle Traffic Director installation minimizes the amount of work that would otherwise be required to reapply all the customization and configuration changes made in one environment to another. You can install, configure, customize, and validate Oracle Traffic Director in a test environment. Once the system is stable and performs as required, you can create the production environment by moving a copy of the server and its configuration from the test environment, instead of redoing all the changes that were incorporated into the test environment. If you have an existing production environment, you can move any modifications of the test environment, such as customization, to the production environment.

Moving an Oracle Traffic Director installation from a test to a production environment assumes that the production environment is on the same operating system as the test environment. In addition, the operating system architecture must be the same in both environments. For example, both environment must be running 64-bit operating systems.

For more information on Fusion Middleware Test to Production see: Moving from a Test to a Production Environment in Oracle Fusion Middleware Administering Oracle Fusion Middleware.