Paste Configuration

To recreate the configurations at the destination, execute

The command extracts the custom values from the customized move plan, updates the configuration with the value specified in the move plan, and saves the configuration.

The following is an example command:

Additional Steps for Moving Oracle Traffic Director:

  • Cert Reconfiguration : Certificate can be reconfigured using otd_setHttpListenerSslProperties/otd_setTcpListenerSslProperties/otd_setVirtualServerSslProperties or otd_setOriginServerPoolSslProperties.

  • OAM Reconfiguration : If webgate is configured in the OTD instance and the user wants to re-configure OAM at the target Env in order to use a different OAM instance, then this use case must be handled manually once the pasteConfig is done.


Make sure that all the paths configured for OTD instance are accessible and have proper file permissions on the target environment. For example, server log file path.

For more information on WLST, see WebLogic Scripting Tool Command Reference for Oracle Traffic Director

Example C-6 Paste Configuration Command for Collocated OTD

./ -javaHome ./oracle_common/jdk/jre -archiveLoc /tmp/otdc.jar -movePlanLocation /scratch/moveplan/moveplan.xml -targetDomainLoc /scratch/installers/cloned_domain -targetOracleHomeLoc /scratch/installers/cloned_colocated_otd/ -domainAdminPasswordFile /scratch/password.txt

Example C-7 Paste Configuration Command for Standalone OTD

./ -javaHome ./oracle_common/jdk/jre -archiveLoc /tmp/otdc.jar -movePlanLocation /scratch/moveplan/moveplan.xml -targetDomainLoc /scratch/installers/cloned_domain -targetOracleHomeLoc /scratch/installers/cloned_colocated_otd