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1 Introduction and Roadmap

2 Configuring WebLogic JDBC Resources

3 Configuring JDBC Data Sources

4 Using the Default Data Source

5 Configuring JDBC Multi Data Sources

6 Using Active GridLink Data Sources

7 Using Proxy Data Sources

8 Using Universal Connection Pool Data Sources

9 Connection Harvesting

10 Advanced Configurations for Oracle Drivers and Databases

11 Labeling Connections

12 JDBC Data Source Transaction Options

13 Understanding Data Source Security

14 Creating and Managing Oracle Wallet

15 Deploying Data Sources on Servers and Clusters

16 Using WebLogic Server with Oracle RAC

17 Using JDBC Drivers with WebLogic Server

18 Monitoring WebLogic JDBC Resources

19 Managing WebLogic JDBC Resources

20 Tuning Data Source Connection Pools

A Using an Oracle 12c Database

B Configuring JDBC Application Modules for Deployment

C Using Multi Data Sources with Oracle RAC

D Using Fast Connection Failover with Oracle RAC

E Smart Upgrade Support for JDBC