11 Configuring Presentation Setting Defaults

This chapter describes how to change default presentation settings in Oracle Business Intelligence that administrators commonly change using Fusion Middleware Control.

Advanced configuration settings are described in Manually Changing Presentation Settings.

Using Fusion Middleware Control to Change Presentation Setting Defaults

Changing presentation setting defaults ensures that users begin with the same look and feel when customizing their own presentations.

Before you begin this procedure, ensure that you are familiar with the information in Using Fusion Middleware Control.

  1. Go to the Business Intelligence Overview page.
  2. Display the Presentation tab of the Configuration page.
  3. Click Lock and Edit to enable changes to be made.
  4. Complete the following options:
    • Show page tabs option

    • Show section headings option

    • Allow dashboard sections to be collapsible option

    • Pivot Tables show auto-preview option

  5. Click Apply, then click Activate Changes.
  6. Return to the Business Intelligence Overview page and click Restart.

For information about advanced configuring settings for analyses and dashboards, see Configuring and Managing Analyses and Dashboards.

For information about corresponding configuration file elements, see Mapping User Interface Labels with Configuration File Elements.