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XmlElement Member List

This is the complete list of members for XmlElement, including all inherited members.

__attribute__((always_inline)) inline void writeXml(stdXmlElement [inline]
_isEscaped(bool fAttemptCapture=true) const Object [inline]
addAttribute(String::View vsName)=0XmlElement [pure virtual]
addElement(String::View vsName)=0XmlElement [pure virtual]
clone() const Object [virtual]
clone(Object::View v)Object [static]
ensureElement(String::View vsPath)=0XmlElement [pure virtual]
equals(Object::View v) const Object [virtual]
equals(Object::View v1, Object::View v2)Object [static]
findElement(String::View vsPath)=0XmlElement [pure virtual]
findElement(String::View vsPath) const =0XmlElement [pure virtual]
formatValue() const =0XmlValue [pure virtual]
formatXml(bool fPretty=false, size32_t cIndent=0) const =0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getAbsolutePath() const =0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getAllElements() const =0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getAttribute(String::View vsName) const =0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getAttributeMap()=0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getAttributeMap() const =0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getBoolean(bool fDefault=false) const =0XmlValue [pure virtual]
getComment() const =0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getElement(String::View vsName)=0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getElement(String::View vsName) const =0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getElementList()=0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getElementList() const =0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getElements(String::View vsName)=0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getElements(String::View vsName) const =0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getInt32(int32_t nDefault=0) const =0XmlValue [pure virtual]
getName() const =0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getParent()=0XmlValue [pure virtual]
getParent() const =0XmlValue [pure virtual]
getRoot()=0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getRoot() const =0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getSafeAttribute(String::View vsName) const =0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getSafeElement(String::View vsPath) const =0XmlElement [pure virtual]
getString(String::View vsDefault="") const =0XmlValue [pure virtual]
getValue() const =0XmlValue [pure virtual]
Handle typedefXmlElement
hashCode() const Object [virtual]
hashCode(Object::View v)Object [inline, static]
Holder typedefXmlElement
isAttribute() const =0XmlValue [pure virtual]
isContent() const =0XmlValue [pure virtual]
isEmpty() const =0XmlValue [pure virtual]
isImmutable() const Object [virtual]
notify() const Object
notifyAll() const Object
Object()Object [protected]
Object(const Object &that)Object [protected]
onConst()Object [protected, virtual]
onEscape(bool fEscaped) const Object [protected, virtual]
onInit()Object [protected, virtual]
self()Object [inline, protected]
self() const Object [inline, protected]
setAttribute(String::View vsName, XmlValue::Handle hValue)=0XmlElement [pure virtual]
setBoolean(bool fValue)=0XmlValue [pure virtual]
setComment(String::View vsComment)=0XmlElement [pure virtual]
setInt32(int32_t nValue)=0XmlValue [pure virtual]
setName(String::View vsName)=0XmlElement [pure virtual]
setParent(TypedHandle< XmlElement > hElement)=0XmlValue [pure virtual]
setString(String::View vsValue)=0XmlValue [pure virtual]
sizeOf(bool fDeep=false) const Object [virtual]
toStream(std::ostream &) const Object [inline, virtual]
toString() const Object [virtual]
toString(Object::View v)Object [static]
View typedefXmlElement
wait() const Object
wait(int64_t cMillis) const Object

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