6.8 Registering Pluggable Destinations with Reports Server

To register a pluggable destination with Reports Server:

  1. Log in to Oracle Enterprise Manager.

  2. Navigate to the EM MBean browser Weblogic Domain > System MBean Browser.

  3. Navigate to reports server mbean

    Standalone server - oracle.reports.serverconfig:type=ReportsServer,name=rwserver-<componentName>

    Inprocess server - oracle.reportsApp.config:Location=<managedServername>,name=rwserver,type=ReportsApp,Application=reports,ApplicationVersion=

  4. In Operations click addDestination.

  5. Enter appropriate Name and Class values for the new pluggable destination.

    For example, to register the SecurePDF pluggable destination:

    Name: SecurePDF

    Class: oracle.reports.plugin.destination.securepdf.SecurePdfDestination

  6. You can also click Add to add the properties for the destination in the Registered properties.

  7. Click Invoke.

    New child mbean with the destination name is created.

    Using those mbeans you can also use operation addProperty to add the properties for the destination