6.12 Modifying Reports Configuration Settings Using the System MBean Browser

To modify Oracle Reports configuration settings using the System MBean Browser:

  1. Start Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control and display the Farm Home page.

  2. Select Fusion Middleware > ReportsDomain > WLS_REPORTS. The WLS_REPORTS page is displayed.

  3. From the WebLogic Server menu, choose System MBean Browser. Fusion Middleware Control displays the System MBean Browser page.

  4. Click the plus (+) symbol in the left column to expand a node in the navigation tree and drill down to the MBean you wish to access. The navigation tree expands to display links for viewing or updating settings. Each node in the navigation tree represents settings in a configuration file.

  5. Click a node in the navigation tree, and click the Attributes tab to display the details for a group of attributes. Attribute details include name, description of each attribute, access details and its current value.

  6. Update an attribute value in one of the following ways:

    • Using the current page:

      • Enter a new attribute value into the Value field for the appropriate row.

      • Click Apply to apply the changes.

    • Displaying a page to view or update the setting:

      • Click the link in the Name column to display a new page.

      • Enter a new attribute value in the Value field.

      • Click Apply to apply the changes.

      • Click Return to close the page and display the navigation tree.

  7. Repeat the previous steps to view or update another attribute value.


Only attribute values with write or read-write permissions can be modified.