7.11 Optimizing the Deployment of Reports

Before you deploy a report on a machine that is either slow or is running on a load, you may want to configure the following:

  • The default timeout period is 150. This period is calculated from: ping timeout, ping interval, and number of retries. The default values for these are:

    ping timeout = 30 seconds
    ping interval = 20 seconds
    number of retries = 3


    The number of retries is applicable only when OPMN successfully connects to Standalone Reports Server and receives regular ONS notifications from the process.

    Based on these values, there will be three ping attempts with a timeout of 30 seconds each at 20 second intervals. The first ping is done after the specified ping interval. Thus, from the time the Standalone Reports Server is started by OPMN, approximately 150 (20 + 3*30 + 2*20) seconds will elapse before the process is considered unresponsive and restarted. However, if after OPMN connects to Standalone Reports Server but server is too slow in sending regular ONS notifications, then the 30 second timeout applies.

    You can configure the ping timeout by adding a ping entry with sufficient timeout configured to the machine's load in following element in opmn.xml:

    <ias-component id="<reports_server_name>">
    <restart timeout="720" retry="2" />
    <ping timeout="110" interval="30" />
  • User can use these parameters to run reports server process control


    RestartMax - The number of times Node Manager can attempt to restart the server.

    RestartDelaySeconds - The number of seconds Node Manager should wait before attempting to restart the server.

    RestartInterval - The amount of time Node Manager will spend attempting to restart a failed server. Within this period of time Node Manager will attempt to restart the failed server up to the number defined by RestartMax. By default, Node Manager will attempt to restart a server indefinitely until the FAILED_NOT_RESTARTABLE state is reached.


    stop timeout - timeout after which reports server will be forcefully shutdown

  • Callback timeout (Reports Server-side): Callback timeout is the measure that Reports Server uses to determine the time that it must wait for a response from the engine before timing out. You can specify this value in the rwserver.conf file. This time out period is in milliseconds.

    For example:

    <engine id="rwEng" class="oracle.reports.engine.EngineImpl" initEngine="1"
      maxEngine="1" minEngine="0" engLife="50" maxIdle="30" 


    Increase the callbackTimeOut value when the machine is very slow.