9.7 Running a Unicode Report using TTF/TTC Fonts

Oracle Reports 12c Release (, uses the new font mechanism to run a Unicode report on UNIX using the TTF / TTC fonts, generating report output that in most cases looks identical on both platforms.

Run a sample Unicode report on Windows:

  1. Navigate to the EM MBean browser Weblogic Domain > System MBean Browser

    Navigate to reports tools mbean for uifont.ali oracle.frcommon.config:type=uifont.ali,name=uifont-<componentName>

    • Add the following entry under the [PDF:Subsetting] section:

      "Arial Unicode MS"="ARIALUNI.TTF"
    • Ensure there is no aliasing defined for Arial in the Global section. If there is, comment it out:

  2. Add the font ARIALUNI.TTF to REPORTS_PATH.

  3. Set NLS_LANG in the Windows registry to AMERICAN_AMERICA.UTF8.

  4. Open the sample report in Reports Builder.

  5. Select File > Generate to File > PDF.

  6. Save the report output.

Run the same Unicode report on UNIX:

  1. Check whether the Unicode font used by the report is already available on the UNIX server machine in $DOMAIN_HOME/reports/fonts and in the REPORTS_PATH (for example, ARIALUNI.TTF). If it is not available, copy it from the Windows machine to $DOMAIN_HOME/reports/fonts.

  2. Set NLS_LANG in reports.sh to AMERICAN_AMERICA.UTF8.

  3. Run the report using the following command line:


    For example:


Compare the output on UNIX with that on Windows to confirm that they are identical.