11.2 Generating a Unicode PDF File

This section outlines the steps involved in generating a PDF file with a Unicode character set. Before using the font features covered in this section, refer to Table 11-3 to determine which feature best suits your application needs.

11.2.1 Font Subsetting

The steps involved in generating a Unicode PDF file using the font subsetting feature are as follows:


  2. Set REPORTS_PATH to the font directory in which the TrueType font exists. For example, C:\WINNT\fonts.

  3. Open the uifont.ali file and edit the [PDF:Subset] section to specify the TrueType font name.


    The uifont.ali file is located in the following directory on Windows and UNIX:
    • ${DOMAIN_HOME}/config/fmwconfig/components/ReportsToolsComponent/<reports_tools_name>/guicommon/tk/admin/


    [ PDF:Subset ]
    "Andale Duospace WT J" = "Aduoj.ttf"
    "Albany WT J"="AlbanWTJ.ttf"

    The specified font should cover the Unicode range that your report uses.

  4. Create a report having MLS data and set its font to the Unicode font.

  5. Run a report having MLS data with DESTYPE=FILE DESFORMAT=PDF.