14.4 Specifying the encoding of an XML PDS Report

When you create a report against an XML data source, you must ensure that the encoding of the data source and its DTD matches the encoding of Reports Builder.

For example, when you create an XML report against a table encoded in a Japanese character set, the group element name is encoded in Japanese. To match the data source, you should encode the group's element name in the DTD in Japanese. The XML and DTD files can be in any encoding that supports Japanese, such as Shift_JIS, EUC-JP, or UTF-8.

If you do not match the XML data source and DTD encoding to the Reports Builder encoding, you will see the following error:

ERR-063001 xxx.dtd null


You will not see this error if you use a XML schema instead of a DTD.

To avoid this problem, ensure that both the XML data source and DTD for your XML report use the same encoding that you have in the character encoding part of the NLS_LANG environment variable in effect for your Reports Runtime.

For example, if NLS_LANG=JAPANESE_JAPAN.JA16SJIS for your Reports Runtime, then both your XML data source and DTD should use Shift_JIS.