18.5 Publishing a Report in Oracle Portal

One of the best ways to publish your report is through the declarative, secure interface of Oracle Portal. To publish a report in Oracle Portal, refer to Chapter 16, "Deploying Reports in Oracle Portal". Specifically, you must first register your Oracle Reports components in Oracle Portal (see Section 16.2, "Registering Oracle Reports Components"), then expose your report in a portal (see Section 16.3, "Publishing Your Report as a Portlet").


When you use features like Oracle Portal Security, Portal Destination, and Job Status Repository, the JDBC database connections made by Oracle Reports Services may override the initial NLS_LANG setting. This change may in turn affect the behavior of the running report, such as bidirectional output in PDF. On UNIX platforms, you can work around this issue using the environment switching functionality to dynamically set the environment for reports. Refer to Section 7.2.2, "Dynamic Environment Switching" for more information.