3.1 Understanding the Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Structure

In prior releases, Oracle Reports Services was installed in a single Oracle home (ORACLE_HOME), including all files (both binaries and configuration). Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c introduced the option to split installation into an Oracle home (ORACLE_HOME) and an Domain Home (DOMAIN_HOME) to separate binaries from configuration, and allow shared binaries across servers.

The new Oracle Fusion Middleware installation option provides several advantages:

  • ORACLE_HOME contains binary files, which can be shared across multiple DOMAIN_HOMEs, reducing the footprint and management of each DOMAIN_HOME.

  • It is easier to apply patches and maintain the binary ORACLE_HOME without needing to reconfigure.

  • Install of each DOMAIN_HOME is easier and lightweight.

  • Easier backup, restore, and cloning.

  • Support for Reports-only install.

For complete information about the new installation structure, including how to create a new Oracle instance, refer to Administering Oracle Fusion Middleware.