19.1 Overview

Oracle Reports provides several ways of submitting a job request to the server-infrastructure for processing:

  • rwservlet

    rwservlet translates and delivers a job request between HTTP and the Reports Server, such as when submitting from a Web browser or through the event-driven publishing API.

  • rwclient

    rwclient parses and transfers a command line to run a a report on a remote Reports Server.

  • Oracle Forms

    Oracle Forms is a rapid application development (RAD) tool, used to build highly scalable Internet database applications.

Integrating the Oracle Reports technology into custom applications, especially Java applications, requires the implementation of the mechanisms used by rwservlet, rwcgi, rwclient, and Oracle Forms to submit jobs to the server from within those applications.

The RWWebService servlet provides the necessary public interfaces and bindings, and is required to be exposed and to function as a Web service. This functionality enables any application developer to include Oracle Reports in their application.