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Part I Installing and Configuring Oracle WebCenter Sites

1 About the Oracle WebCenter Sites Installation

2 Preparing to Install and Configure Oracle WebCenter Sites

3 Installing the Oracle WebCenter Sites Software

4 Configuring WebCenter Sites Domain

5 Next Steps After Configuring the Domain

Part II Configuring WebCenter Sites Components

6 Sites Configuration Setup

7 Configuring WebCenter Sites

8 Configuring Site Capture

9 Configuring Visitor Services

10 Configuring Remote Satellite Server

11 Switching to External Authentication

12 Setting Up a CAS Cluster

13 Setting Up a Cluster

14 Moving the Shared File System to a Database

15 Switching from Test Mode to Production Mode

Part III Uninstalling Oracle WebCenter Sites

16 Uninstalling or Reinstalling Oracle WebCenter Sites

A Updating the JDK After Installing and Configuring an Oracle Fusion Middleware Product