What's New in This Guide

This chapter summarizes the main changes introduced in the 12.2.1.x releases.

Changes in this Document for Release

Release includes the following changes:

Changes in This Document for Release

In release, the changes to this document include:

Changes in This Document for Release

In release, this document has been changed as follows:

  • The procedures in “Upgrading Security to 12.2.1.x” have been updated and streamlined to improve usability.


In, these procedures have been moved to Securing Datastores in Planning an Upgrade of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

New Features in Release

The new features and major changes introduced in release include the following:

  • Support for IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL server databases. OPSS supports two new databases as repositories for security stores. See Supported File, LDAP, and Database Stores.

  • The ability to create database views of audit records at registration time using the Dynamic Metadata Model. See Audit Views Created at Registration.

  • New audit createIAUView and getIAUViewInfo commands, that allow you to create and to get information about audit database views. See Audit Configuration Commands in WLST Command Reference for Infrastructure Security.

  • A new merge.jdkcacerts.with.trust property, which specifies whether to return public certification authority certificates in the kss://system/publicacerts keystore with a keystore query to kss://system/trust. See About Certificates.