4 Documentation Changes

The Oracle Platform Security Services documentation includes the following changes in the release:

  • The sections “Upgrading Security to 12.2.1.x” and “Compatibility Table for 11g and 12c Versions” have been moved to Securing Datastores in Planning an Upgrade of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

  • The page reference help in Fusion Middleware Control has been enhanced to provide more descriptive content.

  • Clarified the procedures for migrating credentials in the same domain and across domains. See Migrating the Security Store with migrateSecurityStore in Securing Applications with Oracle Platform Security Services.

  • The chapters “Identity Directory Service WLST Commands” and “Library Oracle Virtual Directory WLST Commands” have been moved from WLST Command Reference for Infrastructure Security to Identity Directory Service WLST Commands and Library Oracle Virtual Directory WLST Commands in WebLogic Scripting Tool Command Reference for Identity and Access Management.

  • Added an example that illustrates how you can set up a domain that uses either third-party CA signed or internal CA signed certificates throughout the domain in place of the demonstration CA certificates. See Setting Up a Security Hardened Domain: An Example in Securing Applications with Oracle Platform Security Services.