Use with WLST: Online


The ohs_exportKeyStore command exports the keystore to the specified Oracle HTTP Server instance location. This command is available when WLST is connected to an Administration Server instance. For more information on how to use this command, see Exporting the Keystore to an Oracle HTTP Server Instance Using WLST.


ohs_exportKeyStore(keyStoreName='<keyStoreName>', instanceName = '<instanceName>')
Argument Description


The name of the keystore.


The name of the Oracle HTTP Server instance.

Naming Conventions for Keystores

The keystore name (keyStoreName) must start with the string: <instanceName>_.

For example, presume that the keystore must be exported to an Oracle HTTP Server instance named ohs1. Then the names of all of the keystores that must be exported to ohs1 must start with ohs1_.

If this syntax is not followed while creating the keystore, then the export of the keystore might not be successful.


This example exports the keystore ohs1_myKeystore to the Oracle HTTP Server instance ohs1.

ohs_exportKeyStore(keyStoreName='ohs1_myKeystore', instanceName = 'ohs1')