This graphic has on the left the label "Client" bounded by a dotted line. To its right is a box labeled "Firewall." To the right of this column is a column of pentagons labeled "WebLogic Server Cluster." Each pentagon contains the labels "HTTP," "JSP," "Servlet," "EJB," and "JDBC."

Client is connected to the Firewall with a line labeled "" The Firewall points to Client with an arrow labeled "205.20.yyy.300:7001." Client points to the Firewall with an arrow labeled "Request Object C at 205.20.yyy.300:7001." This last arrow is crossed out.

The Firewall points to the top pentagon in the WebLogic Server Cluster with an arrow labeled "205.20.yyy.100:7001." The Firewall is also connected to the top pentagon with a line labeled "205.20.yyy.300:7001."