42 Configuring RMI over IIOP with SSL

Use SSL to protect Internet Interop-Orb-Protocol (IIOP) connections to Remote Method Invocation (RMI) remote objects. SSL secures connections through authentication and encrypts the data exchanged between objects.

To use SSL to protect RMI over IIOP connections:

  1. Configure WebLogic Server to use SSL.

  2. Configure the client Object Request Broker (ORB) to use SSL. Refer to the product documentation for your client ORB for information about configuring SSL.

  3. Use the host2ior utility to print the WebLogic Server IOR to the console. The host2ior utility prints two versions of the interoperable object reference (IOR), one for SSL connections and one for non-SSL connections. The header of the IOR specifies whether or not the IOR can be used for SSL connections.

  4. Use the SSL IOR when obtaining the initial reference to the CosNaming service that accesses the WebLogic Server JNDI tree.

For more information about using RMI over IIOP, see Developing RMI Applications for Oracle WebLogic Server.