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Administration Console Online Help

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The WebLogic Server Administration Console

The Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console is a web browser-based, graphical user interface you use to manage a WebLogic Server domain. A WebLogic Server domain is a logically related group of WebLogic Server resources that you manage as a unit. A domain includes one or more WebLogic Server instances and may also include WebLogic Server clusters. Clusters are groups of WebLogic Server instances that work together to provide scalability and high-availability for applications. You deploy and manage your applications as part of a domain.

One instance of WebLogic Server in each domain is configured as an Administration Server. The Administration Server provides a central point for managing a WebLogic Server domain. All other WebLogic Server instances in a domain are called Managed Servers. In a domain with only a single WebLogic Server instance, that server functions both as Administration Server and Managed Server. The Administration Server hosts the Administration Console, which is a web application accessible from any supported web browser with network access to the Administration Server.

You can use the Administration Console to: