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Resolve conflicts

As you make configuration changes, other edit sesssions may exist in the domain that impact your edit session. If the existing changes are incompatible with yours, you will need to resolve the conflicts before you can activate your changes or you may decide to release the configuration lock and rollback your changes.

When incompatible configuration changes exist, the Activate Changes button in the Change Center becomes relabeled Resolve Conflicts.

To resolve conflicting configuration changes:

  1. In the Change Center, click View Changes and Restarts.
  2. On the Changes and Restarts page, click Change List.

    You receive a warning that conflicting changes have been made in another edit session and see a description of those changes. Also, you are given a description of the changes to the domain that will occur if you initiate a resolve operation. For more information about other edit sessions, click Other Edit Sessions.

  3. To accept the changes, click Resolve Conflicts, then click Activate Changes to save all changes to the domain.
  4. To release the configuration lock and rollback your changes, click Undo All Changes.

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