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Configure JDBC GridLink data sources

When you create a JDBC GridLink data source in the Administration Console, most data source attributes are configured so that the data source will work in your environment. However, you may need to modify a data source configuration to enable or disable specific features or to tune performance.

The main steps for configuring JDBC data sources are:

  1. Create a data source for each service that you want to connect to. See Create JDBC GridLink data sources.
  2. Optionally configure transaction options for the data source. See Configure global transaction options for a JDBC data source.
  3. Optionally configure connection testing options for the data source. See Configure testing options for a JDBC data source.
  4. Optionally configure Oracle parameters. See Configure Oracle parameters.
  5. Optionally configure ONS client parameters. See Configure ONS client parameters.
  6. Optionally target the data source to additional servers and clusters. See Target JDBC data sources.

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