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Export data from a security provider

Before you begin

Understand when you would want to migrate security data. See Overview of Security Data Migration.

Understand the concepts associated with importing and exporting security data. See Migration Concepts.

Understand which formats and constraints are supported by the WebLogic Security providers. See Formats and Constraints Supported by the WebLogic Security Providers.

Security data (authentication, authorization, credential map, and role data) from one security realm can be exported into a file and then imported into another security realm. This feature allows you to develop and test new security realms without recreating all the security data (for example, when moving a development security realm to production). Only information from the WebLogic security providers can be exported and imported. Two options are available:

To export security data from a security provider to a file:

  1. In the left pane, select Security Realms and then select the name of the realm you are configuring (for example, myrealm).
  2. Select the type of provider from which you want to export security data (for example, Authentication).
  3. Select the security provider from which you want to export security data.
  4. Select Migration > Export.
  5. Specify the directory and filename in which to export the security data in the Export File on Server field. The directory must exist.

    Note: The directory and file into which you export the security data should be carefully protected with operating system security as they contain secure information about your deployment.

  6. Optionally, define a specific set of security data to be exported in the Export Constraints box.
  7. Click Save.

    Note: Once the data is exported from the security provider, it can be imported at any time.

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