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Verify notification generation

Before you begin

To verify that a WebLogic Server SNMP agent is generating and sending notifications:

  1. Use the java weblogic.diagnostics.snmp.cmdline.Manager SnmpTrapMonitor command to receive notifications. Make sure that you specify the same listen port for this trap monitor as the trap destination that you created for the SNMP agent.

    For example, if your trap destination specifies a listen port of 165, enter the following command: java weblogic.diagnostics.snmp.cmdline.Manager SnmpTrapMonitor -p 165

    See WebLogic SNMP Command-Line Utility.

  2. In the Administration Console, on the SNMP agent's the SNMP Agent: Configuration: General page, make sure that the Send Automatic Traps Enabled box is checked.
  3. Do any of the following:
    • Stop and restart the Administration Server.
    • Start or stop a Managed Server.

    The SNMP agent generates notifications when you start and stop servers. See the description of Send Automatic Traps Enabled in Configuration Options.

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